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Data Scientist


Our opportunity


Within the Data and Business Intelligence area, DBI Studio is responsible for building the solutions which support the Group’s decision making and efficiency. We have a truly global reach: our internal clients are Group Functions responsible for the Group’s core processes and Business Units bringing Zurich’s products and services to all geographic areas.


The activity of DBI Studio’s Data Science team is instrumental to Zurich’s transformation into a data-driven organization. Working shoulder to shoulder with engineers, designers, product managers and business stakeholders, we deliver effective models and reusable products. We strive for robustness, safety and clarity. We are adaptable and make it a point to never stick to our comfort zone and constantly push the boundary of the technologies and models available to Zurich.


By joining us, you will be part of a team committed to make things better day after day and to invest in each other’s growth. Your work will support processes and decisions that reach millions of customers and you will gain the experience (and satisfaction!) that only facing problems that you’ve never seen before and overcoming new challenges can bring.



Your role


As a data scientist your main responsibilities will involve work collaboratively on building models and analyses to support internal products or the business’s decision processes, producing code and experiments that be reproducible and maintainable as well as informing the group’s digital strategy.


What does that mean in practice?


It means that over the course of just a few months you may be testing computer vision models to assess the damage of a car accident from a photo; you may be tasked with detecting faulty instruments on a factory floor from the data produced by IoT sensors; you may be processing logs to profile web users; or employ large language models to search for concepts through thousands of risk assessment reports, or optimize the condition offerings in our policies. If you thought that the reach of a data scientist within an insurance company would be limited, think again.


Nor should the value that a skilled data scientist can bring be confined to the technical realm! You’ll have the chance to advise core teams with global reach on their digitalization strategy, shape the Group’s AI ethics policies or be involved in every part of the development of a product: from design, to implementation to its financial assessment.


150 years after its foundation, Zurich is still growing and so will your possibilities within it.




Your Skills and Experience


You may have experience building risk scoring models in a bank or studying behavioural patterns in social psychology trials. Perhaps in your free time you have analysed smart contract transaction patterns on crypto platforms. Or you were once asked to optimise the routing of logistical services or the hourly rental price of courts in a tennis club. Maybe during your studies you spent time filtering the massive amount of data produced by particle physics experiments and you now recall with fondness long, late night conversations around the interpretation of p-values. You may have built a system to detect unconscious decision patterns in a corpus of court sentences. It could be that you got tired of always getting the same recommendations on your music streaming platform and tried to reverse-engineer their algorithm. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to use mobile phone signal data to design new bus routes or study how crowds move to optimize the floor layout of a department store.


It doesn’t matter where you come from. The essence of our work is easy: make sense of information; maintain a global perspective (it’s not just about the mathematical model, but rather how it’ll be used); write good code.


As a data scientist your skills and qualifications will ideally include:


  • 3 years of relevant industry experience (it should be clear by now what we mean by that). If that comes with knowledge of the insurance industry, all the better!
  • You know your random forest from your logistic regression – and you can explain them clearly to every kind of audience.
  • You have built a sound knowledge of programming in Python and its most common libraries and frameworks useful for DS (e.g. scikit-learn, pandas, scipy, numpy, networkx, pytorch, keras, pymc3…).
  • You have hands-on experience with (Py)Spark and can write non-trivial SQL queries,
  • Have worked in cloud environments, particularly Azure and AWS
  • And software versioning systems such as Git or SVN are no strangers to you.
  • You can prove that you can organise, conduct and communicate the results of quantitative experiments;
  • That you can handle multiple workflows at once, evaluate priorities, work under pressure
  • And that you work with autonomy and rigour: even in the face of ambiguity, uncertain requirements and lack of information, you plan and get work done.
  • You can communicate clearly, effectively and empathically
  • And you know what it means to work in a team.
  • It goes without saying: in a global organization, fluency in English (written and spoken) is paramount. Additional languages surely won’t hurt.


Bonus points if you can also show:


  • Higher academic education
  • Knowledge of software engineering basics
  • Demonstrable experience with seeing your models deployed to production
  • Experience programming in Scala and R (or indeed some lower-level languages!)
  • Knowledge of MLOps
  • Real-world experience with deep learning models
  • Knowledge of DS platforms such as Dataiku, Knime, DataRobot, H2O etc.



Additional Information


As well as a competitive salary and a yearly bonus we offer benefits package which includes:


  • Option to work remotely within Spain even up to 100% - you choose
  • Flexible working hours
  • Wide range of internal and external trainings
  • Free English, German and Spanish classes depending on the needs
  • Ticket restaurant
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension Plan - after 1 year in the company
  • Referral bonus if you bring other talented people like you
  • Special banking and insurance conditions
  • Exclusive Employees discounts


Primary work location is Barcelona, Poblenou. Please apply with your CV in English.



Who we are


Looking for a challenging and inspiring work environment where you can make a difference? At Zurich millions of individuals and businesses place their trust in our products and services every day. Our 53,000 employees worldwide form the basis of our success, enabling businesses and communities to face a world of risk with confidence. Imagine if you could help people do this all over the world. You’d give them confidence and reassurance by protecting what they love most. It’s a big challenge, but you will be supported by a world-class team who believe in helping you to reach your full potential and deliver on our promises.


So be challenged. Be inspired. Help us make a difference.


At Zurich we are an equal opportunity employer.  We attract and retain the best qualified individuals available, without regard to race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Why Zurich


At Zurich, we like to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. We take an optimistic approach by focusing on the positives and constantly asking What can go right? 

We are an equal opportunity employer who knows that each employee is unique - that’s what makes our team so great! 
Join us as we constantly explore new ways to protect our customers and the planet.

  • Location(s):  ES - Barcelona 
  • Remote working:
  • Schedule: Full Time
  • Recruiter name: Laura Santamaría Rodríguez

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