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Family Servicing Specialist


Job Responsibilities:


  1. Support in managing & maintaining Forms for Family Certificate Servicing.


  • Assisted HOD to update/amend the related forms by following the requirement given by BNM, MTA, Zurich Compliance, or Zurich Group.
  • Organized the structure of the forms, the contents, and the format.
  • Communicated with various departments such as Legal and Compliance, Shariah, and Brand Communications to seek their comments/approval
  • Upload the forms that have been signed off to the related website/system such as the Zurich portal, ICERT, and ICMS.
  • Review the forms that have been uploaded to the mentioned website/system, to ensure they have been uploaded correctly.
  • Examples of forms: - Absolute Assignment Form, Nomination Form, and Cancellation Form.


  1. Support in maintaining SOPs for Family Certificate SOP.


  • Assisted the team to update/amend the related SOP by following the requirement given by BNM, MTA, Zurich Compliance, or Zurich Group.
  • Review the amended SOP in the aspect of the process, appendix, and workflow. This is to ensure the SOP is updated and complies with BNM requirements.
  • Communicate with Compliance and FCS departments to seek their comments/approval.
  • Share the approved SOP with FCS teams and ensure the user complies with the SOP.
  • Example of SOP: - Absolute Assignment, Amanah Trust, and Nomination.


  1. Support in reviewing Statement & Notices


  • Review the annual statement and notices upon request by Policy Servicing Operations System Support & Projects department by checking the format, remarks, changes (if any), or any other requirements needed.
  • Provide prompt response to HOD after the review has been done.


  1. Verify, Monitor & support refund of Suspense for Family Certificate Servicing.


  • Checking & verify the final refund listing in the system and emailing to Benefit Payable team.
  • Monitor & support refund of suspense for ZT cases.
  • Monitor cases that have completed with refund process via Accuterm and ICERT system.


  1. Prepare, reviewed, and revised the Circular for Zurich Takaful


  • Assisted to prepare, review, and revised the Circular for servicing or any related to the Zurich Takaful.


  1. To Review, Support, and monitor monthly submission report


  • Monthly task to review the quality assurance report from counterpart.
  • KRI Submission to BNM requested by Risk Management


  1. Prepare, Support, and monitor quarterly & yearly submission reports internally and to Bank Negara Malaysia


  • Prepare and assisted to gather the information from counterparts for internal reports, BNM reports, and other reports as follows.
  • OTZC report
  • SLA Report
  • SAOR
  • Authority limit review
  • Compliance Assurance Terms of Reference (ToR) review
  • BNM attestation
  • BNM Statsmart - Collection of Surrender and Lapse Data (Quarterly)
  • BNM-JPN (TIDeS) (Quarterly)


  1. Review, and follow up on any issue regarding Audit (Internal/External)


  • Review, monitor and follow up with counterpart (Servicing) for all audit issues for both internal and external parties.


  1. Review, follow up and monitor the current and incoming projects from Project Team


  • Participate, coordinate, and discuss with a related party.
  • Preparing RED, PCRF, & DCRF as when required.
  • Participate & support new product implementation/launch.


  1. Project


  • Participate, coordinate, and monitor for Record Retention Data Disposal for ZTMB.
  1. To support Operating Effectiveness Testing (OET)


  • To provide, prepare and compile the requested servicing process listing and screenshot system sample to Financial Governance & Internal Control.


  1. Preparing or Performing routine & ad hoc (Report / Function / Activities).


  • Generated the reports from the BO system / IT extraction and sort the report by using the template given or format by Marketing / Compliance.
  • Quality Assurance as part of ZTMB governance function.
  • Prepare servicing manual for ZTMB
  • Any ad Hoc Report / Function / Activities required by HOD.


  1. To follow up inquiry from the Marketing, Agent & Branches


  • Assisted in reviewing, checking, and following up to resolve any inquiries and issues from the Marketing, Agent, and Branches.


  1. To support Group Business Takaful


  • To review the master certificate and forms related to Group Business
  • Example: Group Term Takaful (GTT)


  1. Provide training to the Agent / TMDC


  • Be part of the training team to provide training to Takaful Agent once or twice a month.


  1. Temporarily handle Claims Specialist Task


  • Assisting to request/monitor data from Claims dept, compile and email to MTA & BNM upon request.


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